Ride for Hope 2023

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Recipient: Katie Schinke

It’s been over a year in this 2 1/2 year journey. The worst of treatments are behind her, but she still has a ways to go – daily chemo, monthly clinic visits with additional chemo. Through the countless losses that Katie has endured; the multitude of delays; the changes to her body, including loss of her gorgeous, long hair – Katie has fought this battle with the strength of the LORD. She has faced treatments, clinic visits, hospital stays, numerous emergency department visits with such determination and grace. She has befriended her nurses, PAs, and doctors. When Katie enters that hospital, the hallways and rooms light up. She has a story to tell – a testimony that God has faithfully walked with her, carrying her through the fire. Katie has matured because of what she has been through. And her impact on others is stunning. She will flat-out tell her friends that life is short and there’s no time for drama. She is pointing people to what is important and most meaningful in life. She’s an amazing young lady. To God be the glory! 

16-year-old Greensboro teen doesn’t let cancer diagnosis keep her down

Katie Schinke may have spent Christmas in the hospital, but doesn’t let that keep her from continuing to be a light for others.