Our Story

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each participant, volunteer, and donor who made the Ride For Hope an overwhelming success. Your generosity and unwavering support made a tangible difference in Katie’s battle against cancer. Every dollar raised, every encouraging word spoken, and every act of kindness shown will leave an indelible mark on her journey to recovery.

What the ‘Ride for Hope” means:

Established in November 2021, the Bigfoot Cycle Club is the result of a teacher creating a non-profit bicycle club to help one of his former students.

Students of the Ragsdale High School Business Management class were involved in a lesson about project management. Students were aware that their teacher had ridden 1000 miles to raise money for a former student battling lymphoma. When the students were introduced to the project management lesson, they asked the teacher if they could create their own project to manage. As a result, the Bigfoot Cycle Club was established so students could collaborate with a non-profit business to promote cycling as a healthy lifestyle while also raising awareness and money for youth cancer patients. The Bigfoot Cycle Club “Ride for Hope” is a bicycle ride that reminds people to have hope, to get out, and do something for themselves and for others who do not have the same opportunities, no fault of their own. It is an opportunity to help improve the quality of life for those who are battling illness, loss, or limited resources. 100% of your registration goes to the charitable organization for the cause. The ride is intended to promote.

Through hard work, the BFCC and the students at Ragsdale HS hosted the first annual “Ride for Hope” in March 2022 at Northeast Park in Greensboro, NC. The ride consisted of a 50-mile and 25-mile route. Students assisted the BFCC in raising the needed corporate sponsorship to hold the cycling event. On the day of the ride, and along with the donations raised from the 1000-mile ride, the former student received close to $4000.00 to improve on the quality of life for a young man who was battling cancer.